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HESH Livedrive

Keeping your data safe, secure and out of harms way is a difficult task, and costly too. However, the new HESH* Livedrive is an incredible backup solution that remedies extortionate costs and systems prone to failure.

Unlike tape systems, and hard drive based alternatives subject to failure and corruption over time, LiveDrive is cloud based. What is the cloud? It's the new term for internet storage. However, unlike previous online systems where your information is kept in single locations, Livedrive creates copies of your data in multiple locations ensuring it is safe and secure, impossible to corrupt and there when you need it.

How does it work? Simple. Once you have bought an account, download the client software for windows or for your Mac. Login with your supplied username and password, chose what you want to backup, and it sits there in the background, constantly scanning for changed, updated and new files to backup.

All you have to do is sit back and relax, and with unlimited storage space, it doesn't matter how much you backup, its all the same price**.

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 *Service provided by Livedrive Internet Ltd. as HESH. **Internet Service(s) Charges may be applicable, check your ISP for any data transfer limitations for uploads.