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Our contracts are designed with response time and priority at their core, taking into consideration your value for money. The two schemes provide the same priority care around the clock, and a working four hour response standard. The only difference is the way you pay...

Pay for priority, the Token Contract

The Token scheme gives the same priority response as the comprehensive contract if required and allows the user to choose our normal ad-hoc service if the request is not urgent. This is useful for smaller businesses that are not tied to a fixed budget to have some flexibility to keep costs down.

An agreed number of tokens, dependent on anticipated usage, are purchased in advance. Each token covers an individual incident and there is no restriction on what workstation or printer equipment it is applied to; they may also be used for network support and server support. Should parts be used in the course of the repair, their cost will be invoiced on completion. When the number of unused tokens falls to less than half of the agreed holding, an invoice would be raised to replenish the holding.

The tokens are valid until the cancellation of the agreement by either party; any remaining tokens would then be refunded. This scheme suits the smaller business, where value for money and flexibility are important.

Tokens for use in the Hull area are currently £155 +VAT each for an eight working hour response or £190 +VAT for a four hour response and there is a minimum holding of three.

Terms and conditions apply, see the sidebar for these documents.

Comprehensive Contracts, constant priority care

The Comprehensive maintenance contract provides a four response throughout the normal working week, i.e. Monday to Friday inclusive. The contract is renewable quarterly, and covers call out charges, labour and parts for an unlimited number of incidents on the equipment covered. For a small monthly supplement Microsoft operating systems and Office applications can be included. This basic contract can be extended to provide a faster response or weekend cover, and of course we will be happy to provide support on an ad-hoc chargeable basis for any equipment not covered. This scheme suits the business that has a fixed budget for IT support.

Equipment Type Monthly charge per Unit
Workstations & Printers from £12 +VAT 
Workstation Software Support from £3 +VAT 
Server & Operating System from £50 +VAT 
Server Backup System Support (Device & Software) from £20 +VAT 
Server Additional Software Support (Fax, etc.) from £5 +VAT per Application.
Networking (excl. Hubs, Switches etc.) from £5 +VAT 
Networking (incl. Hubs, Switches etc.) from £10 +VAT 

Terms and Conditions apply, see the sidebar for these documents.